The final stage of the SAMR Model and the second part of the transformational section is ‘Redefinition’. This refers to the creating of a task through ICT that was unable to be previously created.

Example 1:  Students will learn how to locate a place using google earth. Furthering this to create is as redefined, students will create a narrated google earth tour and share it with others through a blog. This takes the students learning further and out to the public/other classes in which they are seeking feedback. Using a comments section allows for the feedback to occur. The comments section is the example of redefinition, where the option for online commenting from people outside of the classroom would not be possible without the use of technology. This would be monitored by the teacher. The use of the blogs acts as an assistant to the students learning inviting opinions of others.

Example 2: Furthering from the previous posts about PDHPE class’s sports techniques, this week students will continue to watch examples for homework to practice and engage with their learning, though this time the teacher will video them also to provide feedback and guidance where needed.  This incorporates ICT from the teacher and the students and provides the students with additional help in order to correct any bad technique. Being able to physically see the wrong technique and then gaining help from the teacher will help the students improve in the appropriate areas. The teacher using the video to provide feedback and help is where redefinition becomes evident. Without the use of technology to record/video, the students would not gain the assistance required to become more advanced.

Walsh, K. (2015). Emerging Ed Teach: 8 examples of Transforming Lessons Through the SAMR Cycle. Retrieved 12th of October, 2018

Lesson Plan – Redefinition (Blog 4 Lesson Plan – Redefinition )

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